How to lower cholesterol

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How to lower cholesterol

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My clinic has a new nurse practitioner and she had my wife and me get bloodwork done. I hadn't had it done since 2018 and my cholesterol for both of us was over the target range. I'm 71 years old November 2023, on zero meds and want to keep it that way. I've been guilty of way too much saturated fats and that's the enemy (what I've read) We should not go over 22g a day and to lower we should not go over 13g a day.

Eating meat and dairy can quickly chalk the saturated fats up, so I'm tracking what I eat every day and after 6 months go for bloodwork again. So far for my 7 day average it's been 12g for saturated fats and dietary cholesterol is to stay way under 200mg.

We use olive oil a fair bit and even that has saturated fats so that's going to be limited. I've been vegan in the past at various stages of life so have a good understanding of life style choices there and going more that way. The goal is to get cholesterol under control for the next blood test in 6 months.
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